Hello there you human being with super good music taste
Let's build something great together!. Add your favorite song in spotify.
Let's build the greatest playlist of all time. Please add a valid spotify url.

If your dont know what a wallet its, I recommend you MetaMask

Note: This project its for learning purposes, so its build on the Rinkeby testnet of ethereum. So its using fake Ether. You can claim Ether over here

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Blockchain app, using solidity and the ethereum blockchain to collect the most
awesome music collection. Presented with react js and web3 js.

Hi, Im Alan Hurtarte, a Lead full stack developer with more than 5 years of
professional experiencie. This is my first web3 project. Made with 💙 from 🇬🇹

Github | Twitter | Linkedin

Thanks to @_buildspace.